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Aircon in Frisco

When it comes to ensuring your home stays comfortable throughout the summer and any other hot days, it isn’t enough to get the best air conditioning unit in the market. It’s also vital that the unit is installed properly. So choose only professionals with a proven track record in installing air conditioning units right at all times. 

For a professional air conditioning installation in Frisco, TX, trust no one but GO Heating, Air & Plumbing.  We have more than 100 years of combined experience, becoming a trusted partner of many families and businesses in the region regarding their HVAC needs. 

Tips to Finding the Best Air Conditioning Unit for Your Space

Are you shopping for an air conditioning unit for your space? Want to get the best possible product for your money? Check out these tips.

Make sure the unit is the right size for your space. 

The A/C size doesn’t refer to the physical dimension of the equipment, rather to its cooling capacity. The unit needs to be the right size to efficiently and properly cool your space. Getting a unit with more cooling capacity than what’s required in the room to be cooled will just cause problems like short cycling and high electric bills. An undersized unit also causes problems like poor airflow and inconsistent temperature.

Factor in the location.

There are many types of air conditioning units, each of which has its ideal application. For instance, a central air conditioning unit is ideal for cooling multiple rooms at once and for buildings with existing ductwork. A portable air conditioning unit, on the other hand, would be best for families who rent and often change residence. So before going on shopping for an air conditioning unit or getting an air conditioning installation service in Frisco, TX, it’s best to learn about the types of A/C units and where they work best.

Check the unit’s energy efficiency.

The amount of electricity an air conditioning unit consumes to run varies depending on the unit’s size and efficiency. If you want an air conditioning system that isn’t expensive to run, find a unit with a high energy efficiency rating or EnergyStar label. However, the upfront price of air conditioning units with high energy efficiency ratings is higher than those with lower ratings.

Determine the tolerable noise level.

An air conditioning unit can be as loud as a vacuum cleaner or quieter than the sound of rainfall. So you should also pay attention to the noise level of the air conditioner, especially if you’re planning to install the unit in a quiet environment like a study room. The intensity of the noise that an air conditioning system produces is measured in decibels. Units with 60dB and below can already be considered quiet. 

Planning To Install A New A/C Or Replace Your Existing Unit? We Can Help!

GO Heating, Air & Plumbing has been in the HVAC business for more than a hundred years. With our experience, plus the unending commitment to excellence, expect a quality air conditioning installation service in Frisco, TX. So if you need any help with your air conditioning unit, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’ll use our knowledge and extensive experience to assist you in the best way we can. Contact us at 972-532-0008.