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Nobody would want their air conditioning unit to get damaged, especially during the summer season. It’s uncomfortable. Furthermore, a professional air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX costs some bucks. Unfortunately, air conditioning units are pretty susceptible to issues that will require repair. 

To help you avoid the discomfort brought by the summer heat and malfunctioning A/C, GO Heating, Air, & Plumbing is always available to help fix your A/C problem fast the first time. 

What Causes Air Conditioning Problems?

We know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it is to live a hot day without a well-functioning A/C. While we offer a repair service, we also want to help you make the most of your air conditioning unit by sharing easily preventable air conditioning problems. So you know what to avoid in the future.


Air conditioning systems have components that can get clogged or blocked, such as an air filter. Air filters trap particulates in the air. Over time, the dirt trapped in there will build up. If not cleaned, it will cause clogging, which will restrict airflow. Another example is the vent – part of an A/C where air enter and exits. They have to stay clear of any obstruction to allow seamless and sufficient airflow. Some homeowners place furniture that could block the vents, causing restricted airflow.  Generally, blockage and clogging in any of A/C components can cause further damage to the unit.

Incorrect Sizing

Air conditioning sizing refers to the cooling capacity of the unit as measured in British Thermal Unit (BTUs). Incorrect A/C sizing can result in a variety of problems, and you may need more than an air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX. If the unit is too big for the space to be cooled, it will chill your space faster. While it sounds like a good thing, this could cause further damage to the unit because an A/C is supposed to cool a room in a gradual process. If the unit is too small for the room, it will have to work harder to reach the thermostat’s set temperature, causing premature wear and tear. 

Low Refrigerant Charge

The refrigerant is a substance in your air conditioning unit that removes the humidity and heat from the air, giving you cool air. An A/C has a specific amount of refrigerant required. When there’s no enough refrigerant charge, your cooling unit won’t be able to absorb all the heat in the air and will blow warmer air. 

A/C Age

An air conditioning unit’s efficiency gradually declines over time. So if your unit has been with you for years or is near its expected service lifespan, it would be more susceptible to damages. This is why replacement is recommended for old air conditioning unit that requires frequent repair.

Air Conditioning Problems? Leave That To Our Experts!

GO Heating, Air & Plumbing has been providing a wide range of HVAC and plumbing services such as air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX for many years. Over the years of service, we have become a trusted HVAC partner to many home and business owners in the region. You, too, can count on the team for unparalleled technical expertise and a strong commitment to exceptional customer service. Contact us today at 972-639-5036.