We at GO Heating, Air & Plumbing have recently completed an HVAC repair project in Plano TX. The customer called us with an emergency situation that needed immediate attention. The homeowner had been without heat for four days and was concerned about the safety of his family and home.

Our team arrived within 30 minutes of being called to the scene, where we assessed the issue and made a plan of action. The job involved replacing the ductwork and insulation, installing a new furnace and air conditioner, and adding new electrical wiring throughout the home. The work was completed within 24 hours, allowing the customer to get back to normal with their HVAC system.

The Benefits of a Newly Repaired HVAC system

The benefits of a professionally repaired HVAC system are numerous. You'll enjoy quieter operation, better indoor air quality, more efficient heating and cooling, and reduced repair costs over the life of your unit. Let's take a look at these benefits in detail.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of repairing or upgrading your HVAC system is that it can help you save money on utility bills. A properly maintained HVAC unit will use less energy than a poorly maintained one, which means you'll have to pay less each month in heating and cooling costs. When it's time to replace an old unit, look into installing an ENERGY STAR® qualified model. These units meet strict federal standards for energy efficiency and performance, allowing you to save even more money on your utility bills.

Healthier Air

HVAC systems can help reduce indoor air pollution and allergens, which is good news for your family’s health. Allergens are microscopic particles that are present in the air around us, such as pollen or dust mites. These can irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs and trigger asthma attacks in some people. HVAC systems can help remove these pollutants from your home’s environment by helping you maintain a constant temperature level throughout the year so that the humidity levels remain consistent regardless of whether it is summertime or wintertime.

Energy Efficienct Newly Repaired HVAC system

Reduced Repair Costs

The costs of a broken HVAC system can be overwhelming, especially when a repair is necessary. If you have an older model, you may know that repairs will likely cost more than the cost of replacement. However, if your system is newer and still under warranty, there's no need to worry about financial burdens.

When something goes wrong with a machine that has been neglected for long periods, it can cause more damage than necessary if repairs are not made immediately, which means even greater costs down the line.

Quieter Operation

Having your HVAC system professionally repaired will make your system quieter. When an HVAC system is not operating at peak efficiency, it makes a lot of noise as it tries to keep up with the work you are asking it to do. This can be very distracting in an office or other quiet space where people need to concentrate on their work and cannot tolerate outside distractions. The sound can also cause problems with hearing loss, especially if someone has become accustomed to listening to loud noises during their day job.

With all of these benefits, it is clear that there are many reasons why you should invest in a newly repaired HVAC system.

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