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When most people look ahead to a new year, they aspire to be happy and healthy. Part of maintaining good health is creating a clean, sanitary and comfortable home environment.

If you don’t make a conscious effort to create a healthy living space, it can quickly become a haven for germs, bacteria and other harmful elements.

Your home’s HVAC system and related components are a major asset in creating a healthy in-home environment. Here are a few HVAC-related New Year’s resolutions that you should strive for.

Be Mindful of Indoor Air Quality

This should be your top priority in terms of creating a healthy environment inside your home. Germs, bacteria, mold and many other impurities can invade the air and irritate asthma and allergy symptoms. They can also create other health complications.

A few things you can do to ensure quality air in your home include:

  • Changing your air filter regularly
  • Having us professionally clean your air ducts
  • Cleaning carpets (they can trap in dust)
  • Letting our HVAC technicians see if an air purifier would benefit you

GO Heating & Air is a full-service HVAC business in Plano, Texas, that can help you assess your air quality needs.

Create a Comfortable, Consistent Climate Throughout Your Home

If you’re one of the unlucky people stuck with a drafty bedroom, the fluctuation in temperature can play tricks with your health.

In the coming year, resolve to identify air leaks and areas of poor insulation so that you can address them. Create an even climate throughout the entire house so that everyone can stay comfortable and healthy.

Don’t Let Your Home Dry out During the Winter

In the colder months, the furnace warming your home can create very dry air. This dry air can cause irritated eyes, dry skin, sore throat, the occasional bloody nose and even encourage the spread of flu germs.

With solutions like a whole-house humidifier, you can create a climate that promotes comfort and protection from germs and bacteria.

Achieve Your 2020 Resolutions With Trusted HVAC Service

With the help of GO Heating & Air, you can maintain an indoor environment that is comfortable and healthy. Our team specializes in maintenance work, repairs and new equipment installation for both heating and cooling systems. Contact our staff about your HVAC needs today.

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How Clean Is Your Indoor Air? Tue, 10 Dec 2019 18:26:24 +0000 How Clean Is Your Indoor Air? Read More »

The residents of Plano know that they can trust Go Heating & Air with their home comfort needs. Normally, when you think about our work, you think about keeping things at the right temperature. However, our technicians know that there is more to consider when it comes to your home climate. If your air is not clean, it can have serious consequences on the quality of life in your house.

Why Does Indoor Air Get Dirty?

Most homeowners desire a house that is energy-efficient. It costs less to operate your heating and cooling systems when your home construction is tight. However, improvements in construction techniques and materials mean that it is harder to get fresh air into your property. This means that impurities like dust, allergens, and household chemicals can build up in your air supply.

Common Signs of Unclean Air

Impurities and irritants in your indoor air can have serious effects on your overall well-being. For people who are sensitive, an increased allergen count can lead to chronic symptoms like a runny nose and scratchy throat. If a family member has issues with asthma, the concentration of irritants can lead to trouble breathing. Other people in your household may experience headaches, nausea, or poor sleep. If you find that you have symptoms like these that go away when you get out of the house, it may be a sign of compromised air quality.

Professional Air Quality Solutions

There are simple solutions that can help with common air quality problems. You may find some relief by opening windows on warm days. It is also important to use exhaust fans when you are cleaning in your bathrooms or kitchen. However, for a stronger solution, you need to speak to an expert like those at Go Heating & Air. We can improve your ventilation, creating an exchange of fresh and clean air. We can also get things cleaner by removing dust from your ducts and checking your climate system filters.

If you are looking for smart solutions to your home comfort questions, turn to the professionals at Go Heating & Air. We are ready to help you will all your residential or commercial heating and cooling needs. Contact us today for more information.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Winter Indoor Air Quality Fri, 22 Nov 2019 22:40:09 +0000 Tips for Maintaining Your Winter Indoor Air Quality Read More »

During the winter months, it isn’t uncommon for air to be drier. While a lack of humid air may feel nice for some, it can lead to issues such as dry skin and damage to your home. Let’s go over some strategies to improve your home’s indoor air quality this winter.

Install an Air Purifier

Perhaps the easiest way to live comfortably in your home this winter is to install an air purifier. It can remove dust, pet dander and other irritants at regular intervals such as every hour or day. Purifiers can be installed in a single room to provide relief in a limited area or designed to purify air throughout the entire home.

Check Air Filters Regularly

Air filters that are clogged may not be able to capture dust, pollen or other materials in the air. In some cases, they may repel those substances back into the air surrounding a furnace or duct. If dusty or otherwise polluted air gets into a duct, it could be transported throughout the entire home. You can also reduce dust and pollen by regularly sweeping floors or vacuuming carpets that pets or people regularly walk on.

Regular Maintenance Can Improve Air Quality

If a heating system component is experiencing a gas leak, tainted air can spread quickly throughout the air in your home. Ideally, you will schedule a routine furnace or heat pump service appointment in the late fall or early winter months. A technician from Go Heating & Air in Plano can thoroughly examine a heat pump or furnace to determine if any issues should be addressed right away. In addition to providing gas and electric furnace and heat pump maintenance, our professionals can also install new pumps or furnaces.

If you’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, give the folks at Go Heating & Air a call today. We can provide duct maintenance services as well as air conditioning/heating maintenance in a timely and affordable manner.

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How to Cut Heating Costs This Winter Tue, 12 Nov 2019 22:39:28 +0000 How to Cut Heating Costs This Winter Read More »

Out-of-control energy bills can take a brutal bite out of a household’s savings. When a home isn’t energy-efficient, however, keeping the hot air inside becomes next to impossible. In freezing weather, we assume high heating bills are unavoidable. That’s not necessarily accurate. You can take steps to keep heating bills at a reasonable level.

Service the Furnace

Furnaces that don’t run efficiently might work a lot harder to heat the home. The excess work drives up a home’s heating bills. Cleaning the furnace, replacing worn parts, or switching out the old filter could add more efficiency. Signing up for routine maintenance or requesting a tune-up could improve things. At Go Heating & Air, top technicians in Plano, TX, can service your heating system.

Avoid Cranking Up the Furnace

Setting the temperature on the thermostat too high means more heat. Is it necessary to keep the interior temperature at 72 degrees when 62 degrees is more than comfortable? You probably would benefit from lowering the temperature when you aren’t home, too.

Think about investing in a smart home system to time the thermostat for specific intervals. If a full smart home system is too much, at least think about installing a programmable thermostat. Remember, high temperatures generate equally high heating bills. Why contribute to energy and wasting money?

Seal Off Drafts

If there are ways for hot air to escape, the air will escape. Now, the furnace finds itself tasked with producing more hot air to replace what was lost to the outdoors. Such an approach isn’t close at all to proper energy efficiency.

Invest some funds into dealing with drafts. New caulking could prove helpful. Placing plastic covers in front of windows may also help. Do anything reasonable to seal off drafts because they will break your budget. Don’t let your furnace continue to run inefficiently. Call Go Heating & Air in Plano and ask about our services. We can help with all your heating and cooling needs.

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What is Balanced Ventilation? Thu, 17 Oct 2019 00:26:56 +0000 What is Balanced Ventilation? Read More »

You want the air in your home to be fresh and clean. If you have a heating and air conditioning system, you also need a balanced ventilation or ducting system. Your ventilation system helps direct and control the air inside your home. A balanced setup flows air in and out in a clean manner.

What Does Balancing Do?

Balancing is a way to allow fresh air into a home at the same rate stale air is being removed. Systems that depend on exhaust-only or supply-only ventilation equipment are unbalanced. This means they unbalance the air pressure inside the home, and unbalanced pressure doesn’t allow for good airflow. A balanced system is a healthier, safer way to ventilate your house.

Why Is Balanced Better?

Fresher air flowing in your home equates to breathing healthier indoor air. A balanced system will filter pollutants out of the air more efficiently and maintain pressure more reliably. Go Heating & Air can help you determine what type of ventilation system you have. Our technicians are fully trained professionals. We perform system installations that will filter away air exhaust contamination and allergy irritants in your indoor air system.

Installing Balanced Ventilation Equipment

Requirements for a balanced venting setup call for a single supply point and a single exhaust point. Fresh air is brought into the home and pushed into the rooms through a ducting system. Stale air is removed through the exhaust point using a different set of ducts. Balanced venting systems are typically installed in attics because it’s easy to place vents and ducts in the open space. However, your home’s floor plan may require a different type of installation to achieve the needed balance. A qualified professional can provide you with a thorough assessment of your home.

At Go Heating & Air, we’re committed to maintaining your indoor comfort. We service all HVAC makes and models and offer whole-home energy analyses and new system installs for homeowners. Call us today to find out more about how we improve indoor air quality for property owners in Plano.

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What to do About a Rusty Air Conditioner Sat, 05 Oct 2019 00:19:29 +0000 What to do About a Rusty Air Conditioner Read More »

Your air conditioning compressor can get rusted over time. Because it’s exposed to the elements throughout the year, the finish can begin to rust under certain conditions. However, there are ways to fix a rusty air conditioner and keep it running for years into the future.

Why Is Rust Dangerous?

Most air conditioning equipment rusts because of humidity and salt in the air. If you live inland, you might never see this type of corrosion. However, if you do, you’ll want to address it right away. A rusty exterior may be ugly, but the real problems begin when the rust enters the inside of the unit. Interior rust can damage the system and make it fail. Rust can also invalidate a warranty.

How to Prevent Rust

The best way to prevent corrosion is to purchase an air conditioning system specifically designed to keep rust from occurring. This type of equipment has a rust-prohibitive coating already applied to the metal. You can also apply the coating yourself to equipment without the preventative layer in place. Verify warranty requirements before applying the coating.

A regular maintenance tune-up every season can help you to recognize the problem before it damages your system. Go Heating & Air is a licensed and insured air conditioner service company. You can depend on us for accurate, fair equipment assessments and repairs.

How to Get Rid of Rust

If you catch rust in its early stages, it’s easy to remove. A degreasing product, sandpaper, and a nylon brush can be used to scrub it away. You’ll want to paint the clean equipment with a rust-proof primer. The finishing touch comes when you cover the primer with rust-proof paint. This will help to prevent the rust from adhering and growing again.

At Go Heating & Air, we’d be happy to provide you with some professional assistance. Our company offers complete heating and air conditioning solutions to our customers. This includes installations, repairs, and maintenance. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with your AC needs in Plano.

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Fixing Common HVAC Problems on Your Own Mon, 04 Feb 2019 15:44:45 +0000 Fixing Common HVAC Problems on Your Own Read More »

Most heating and air conditioning problems can and should only be repaired by a trained, licensed professional like the kind you’ll find at Go Heating & Air — the number one HVAC repair and service company in the Plano area.

Anything that involves dealing with gas or electrical issues, for example, can present hazards that only a trained professional can deal with safely. There are, however, some problems that can be fixed by a homeowner or headed off by performing routine home maintenance. Of course, if you’re not sure, you can always contact Go Heating & Air and ask for our advice.

Easy DIY Maintenance Tips and Quick Fixes

There are a number of simple, easy-to-perform types of maintenance that any homeowner can do on their own to keep their HVAC system running properly. Here are just a few that we at Go Heating & Air recommend.

Clean and Replace Filters

Filters are easy to remove, clean or replace. They are also comparatively inexpensive and require very little time or effort to clean, and even less to replace. At Go Heating & Air, we suggest that you clean or replace your systems’ filters at least once every three months. If you have pets, clean or replace them every two months, as loose pet hair can clog up a filter very quickly.

Clogged filters block air flow, which means your equipment has to work harder — and use more expensive energy — to heat or cool your home.

Replace Thermostat Batteries (Or Replace Old Thermostats)

Many thermostats fail simply because their batteries are low. (We can’t tell you how many times we’ve made a repair call when the only problem was a dead battery in a thermostat). Replacing those batteries is usually very simple. Even if you no longer have the printed manual handy, you can usually check online to see how to do so correctly.

Older thermostats should also be replaced with newer, smarter and more energy-efficient models. Most of these modern thermostats also come with instructions on how to install them yourself.

Check the Circuit Breakers and Safety Switches

An overworked air conditioner or heating unit will draw more amps than usual (or is safe). When it does so, the system will trip a circuit breaker or a safety switch.

So, before picking up the phone to call Go Heating & Air, take a look at your circuit breaker panel and flip any tripped circuit breakers. That might just do the trick. If it doesn’t, or if the breaker keeps flipping, then you have a more serious problem, one that requires the services of someone who knows HVAC repairs — someone like the highly trained, experienced technicians here at Go Heating & Air.

Check for Blockages at Vents, Along Ducts and Around Compressors

Many heating and cooling issues come down to blockages affecting either air flow or the condenser. Outdoors, ice, leaves, tall grass or other debris can be the culprit. Indoors, a piece of indoor ductwork may have become disconnected or dented.

Most vents, ducts, compressors and condensers can be checked easily, although some may be in difficult to access areas such as crawl spaces. Again, that’s where a trained HVAC technician may be your best bet.

Whatever the case, DIYers should always take proper precautions when attempting to fix HVAC issues on their own. Getting advice from the professionals at Go Heating & Air is the first place to start. Go Heating & Air is the best in the Metroplex for all of your heating supply and repair needs. We also specialize in inspecting and maintaining your home’s HVAC system to prevent problems and ensure it’s working at its most efficient — and in doing so lower your home air conditioning and heating bills.

When it comes to air conditioning repair, furnace service, heater tune-ups, AC tune-ups or any other HVAC repairs or HVAC issues in your home, our experts are available 24/7. If you have a problem that you are not sure how to fix yourself — or if you just want to be prudent and make sure your system is working at its best — contact GO Heating & Air and schedule and appointment today.

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Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace Mon, 04 Feb 2019 15:36:57 +0000 Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace Read More »

“Home” should be synonymous with “comfort.” Residential heating is a vital component of ensuring that comfort. Moreover, that comfort is not only physical. It’s psychological and financial as well. In other words, a furnace that’s working at peak efficiency does more than keep your home’s interior at an ideal temperature — it also saves you money. 

Freezing in Plano

We all know North Texas frequently experiences record-setting summer temperatures, but did you know that the region’s average first freeze occurs in November and the last freeze comes in late March?

These National Weather Service records serve to remind residents about the realities of winter in the Greater Plano area, including Allen, McKinney, and Richardson, Texas. With Go Heating & Air Services, you can warm up to the reassurance that our highly trained HVAC technicians are working in your neighborhood every day. 

Heating Repair in Plano

While you may be powerless to change the weather, it’s good to know that you’re in control of indoor comfort at home. The first step, of course, is knowing a highly trusted, widely recommended heating repair specialist in the area.

At Go Heating & Air — the best heating repair company in Plano — our extensive experience making residential heating repairs, installing heating systems and replacing furnaces means that we’ve got answers to your questions.

  • Does the temperature vary from room to room in your home no matter what your thermostat setting?
  • Is your furnace noisy or shooting out dust?
  • Have you had to apply multiple band-aids to your heating system in the past two to three years?
  • Are your heating bills are skyrocketing winter-to-winter?

If any of this is true, it could be an indication that your furnace desperately needs at least a tune-up.

Heater Tune-Up

It’s a sad fact that we look after our cars, smartphones and home appliances far more often than we service our furnaces. Out of sight, out of mind, perhaps. But avoiding an unbearably chilly surprise when a heater fails during a cold spell is reason enough to give your furnace some TLC without delay.

Furnace Replacement

A fix could be as simple as a tightening a loose connection, unclogging a filter or repairing a faulty motor inducer. Alternately, your furnace may have come to the end of its life. If repairs will run into a significant percent toward the cost of a new furnace, it’s wiser to consider furnace replacement. Also, if your heating system is between 15 and 20 years old, now is probably an ideal time to begin weighing your new furnace options.

If you are ready to begin shopping for a new furnace, Go Heating & Air will send an expert to your home. This friendly, thorough, efficient, trustworthy and dependable individual will provide you with jargon-free options and put your comfort first.  To schedule an appointment with a pro from Go Heating & Air, give us a call today.

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Most Common Heating Problems During Winter Mon, 04 Feb 2019 14:45:07 +0000 Most Common Heating Problems During Winter Read More »

Furnace not working? At GO Heating & Air Services in Plano, Texas, we don’t wait for attention-grabbing headlines about cold fronts, sub-freezing temperatures and blizzards in North Texas. We recommend that homeowners act now to keep their homes comfortable. Our state’s reputation for blazing temperatures aside, we appreciate that freeze days in Greater Plano can occur from November through March.

Stay Warm, Everybody

When your residential home heating system proves incapable of meeting winter’s demands, it could be due to anything from a faulty thermostat to an outdated furnace. If you don’t have the training to identify the problem and resolve it yourself, GO Heating & Air Services can help. We understand that, when your heating system stops working, one thing is certain: You need fast, reliable, trustworthy service from the most dependable HVAC experts in the Plano, Texas area.

Help, the House is Freezing

Going on vacation? Nobody wants to come home from their time away to find their house has turned into an icebox. Frozen pipes are certainly a frequent cold weather problem, especially when a home — and its plumbing — sits idle. If you haven’t taken preventative measures before traveling, furnace issues may prevent you and your family from enjoying the warm comforts of home when you return.

What’s Wrong With My Furnace?

Over the years, our technicians have identified the four most common heating problems affecting homes throughout Plano, Allen, McKinney and Richardson.

Clogged heating filters. Simply put, a dirty, clogged, or bent air filter prevents your heater from doing its job.

The bad news is that a bad or blocked filter contributes to significantly decreased air flow, makes a nasty impact on your heating bill and can even take years off your furnace’s life. (The lifetime of a well-installed and properly maintained furnace is 15 years or more.)

The good news is that regular maintenance and replacement is a fairly straightforward matter. Make an effort to replace your furnace filter as frequently as once per month during the winter. And, if you need help identifying the right filter for your unit, we can help.   

Inducer motors. A faulty or broken inducer motor prevents the movement of combustion air, meaning that your furnace won’t ignite. This small fan pulls air through the furnace heat exchanger, sending it outside through a vent pipe.

One of our technicians can correct inducer motor issues, diagnosing whether a clogged vent pipe, compromised motor board or condensate in the inducer assembly is to blame. Plus, they can execute repairs and replace bad components in short order.

Broken gas valves. The gas valve on your furnace should make a nice click when it turns on. Moreover, a flame should be visible in your furnace’s combustion chamber within 15 seconds. If no gas is being released, the gas valve may need replacing.

Dirty flame sensor. If your furnace’s flame ignites but goes out shortly thereafter, the problem may be a dirty flame sensor. These components are easy to clean and account for a good number of furnace repair calls.

Furnace Replacement in Plano

If your heating problem entails something more serious, the professionals here at GO Heating & Air Services will make a call-out visit and apply their expertise. They’ll also let you know if a furnace replacement and the installation of a new and more efficient system makes better financial sense than a costly repair.

Contact GO Heating & Air Services and book your heating system service today. We look forward to troubleshooting your home furnace and keeping everything up and running to ensure you and your family’s safety and comfort — both this winter and for many winters to come.

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Furnace Maintenance Thu, 18 Oct 2018 19:41:35 +0000 Furnace Maintenance Read More »

Furnace Maintenance in Richardson & Plano, Texas

Choose GO Heating & Air – Your Top-Rated Dallas Furnace Tune-Up Company

Be prepared by getting your furnace maintenance done now. Don’t wait until Dallas receives its first freeze and you’re stuck with a cold house. Without properly maintaining your furnace, this could happen to you. Ensuring your home’s heating system is fully serviced, maintained and ready to combat the cold winter is what we do. GO Heating & Air not only offers furnace tune-up services but also yearly maintenance plans that can take the hassle out of remembering to schedule HVAC tune-ups throughout the year. We make it easy for you, all while saving you precious time and money.

GO Heating & Air has professionally trained technicians ready to serve homeowners throughout the Metroplex including Plano, Richardson, Dallas, Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, Allen and more. When you work with our professionals, you can rest assured that the job will be done right and that you’re in good hands.

Contact us today to schedule a Plano or Dallas furnace maintenance tune-up, give your local heating experts at GO Heating & Air a call at 972-532-0008 or schedule today online.

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