Freestanding tubs are a stunning addition to any bathroom, as they add a touch of elegance and luxuriousness that makes your living space stand out. With the varying sizes, shapes, materials, and styles available on the market today – from modern and contemporary to vintage-inspired traditional designs – there is sure to be one to fit everyone’s taste. 

However, buying one of these pieces of art isn’t enough – it needs expert installation by an experienced plumber in order for it to function correctly. This is because freestanding tubs are much more complex than traditional built-in tubs, requiring special skills and knowledge when it comes to connecting them to your home’s plumbing system. Without proper installation, you run the risk of potential water damage due to leaks or loose connections.

If you plan on investing in a beautiful freestanding tub then it’s worth spending some extra money upfront to hire a professional plumbing company that knows exactly how these types of fixtures should be handled during the installation, repair, or replacement process. Doing so will save you plenty of time and headaches in the future should any issues arise due to improper handling or installation methods being used at the first setup stage. 

Freestanding Tub Repair and Drain Sealing Process

The client in Plano, TX, contacted GO Heating, Air & Plumbing with a problem related to their free-standing tub. The tub was leaking at three of the drain connections, causing major water damage to the space. After assessing the situation, we decided it was best to remove the existing tub to properly fix the drain connections. To ensure a tight seal, we opted for an accordion flex pipe that is designed specifically for this type of connection. The team then proceeded to shorten the drain hose for improved draining capabilities.

Next came the installation of the freestanding bathtub. Our team secured it firmly to the floor using mounting brackets and caulked around its base for extra protection from water damage. We also replaced any parts that were deemed necessary at this time such as a new tub shoe which helps keep everything tight and secure while providing additional support while bathing. 

Once all of these steps were complete, we tested each connection to make sure there were no leaks before leaving the job site. We provided our client with a one-year warranty on both their flex hose replacement and their tub shoe replacement so they can have peace of mind knowing their space is safe from further water damage due to an improperly sealed drain system

Drain Sealing Process

We are proud to have been able to help this client out by providing them with an effective solution to their leaky free-standing tub problem. Not only did we install a brand new freestanding bathtub with proper drain connections but also ensured that everything was sealed tightly against future leaks or water damage incidents caused by improper drainage systems. Our client now has peace of mind knowing their home is safe from future water damage thanks to our timely intervention and expert installation services!

Overall, removing a free-standing bathtub can be a tricky task if not done correctly. But by consulting an experienced emergency plumber who knows how to safely seal up any associated drains and make sure all connections are installed securely, you can guarantee yourself peace of mind when using your bathtub moving forward!

Emergency Plumber in Plano

The most important aspect of installing a freestanding tub is making sure all pipes and connections are secure so that no leakage occurs. GO Heating, Air & Plumbing expert plumbers in Plano can help identify any weak points or faulty connections while properly connecting all necessary parts together such as supply lines and drains. They will also be able to make minor adjustments in order for everything to fit according to your desired layout. Our plumbers can also check for air pockets inside the pipes which could lead to blockages and other issues should they go unnoticed and untreated for long enough periods of time. 

In addition, our licensed plumber may suggest more efficient ways for connecting the fixture depending on where your bathtub is positioned within your home and what type of setup you intend on having once installed. This allows better circulation throughout the unit itself as well as reduces unnecessary strain on the water supply system due to incorrect attachment methods being used during installation. They can also ensure that all safety codes are being followed when installing your piece so that you don’t run into any legal troubles down the line due to an incorrectly installed fixture. 

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