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Comprehensive Furnace Service in McKinney, TX

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Staying comfortable during the winter starts with having the right and efficient heating system for your space. Whether you’re moving to a new place and need a new heating solution, want to upgrade your existing heating equipment, or just need a repair, GO Heating, Air & Plumbing can be at your service. We offer complete furnace services in McKinney, TX.

With over a hundred years of combined experience, GO Heating, Air, & Plumbing has become a trusted partner to many residents and businesses in the region. We have a team of well-trained and certified HVAC technicians who can handle any size of the heating project.

Types of Furnaces Available For You

There are many different furnaces available in the market. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve listed below the type of furnaces below:

  1. Single Stage Furnace: This is the most basic type of furnace with only a single setting. When single-stage furnace is on, it operates at its maximum flame setting. Since it always operates at its highest capacity, it consumes more fuel.


  1. Two-Stage Furnace: This type of furnace has low and high heat stages. The two-stage furnace runs at a lower capacity when it’s in the low stage to keep the temperature set on the thermostat and switches to the high stage when it needs more power to maintain the temp. 


  1. Modulating Furnace: It delivers a more even heating throughout your space. Its flame increases and decreases in fine increments to help keep your space’s temperature, reduce temperature fluctuations, and meet your comfort needs.

What are the Different Fuels for Furnaces?

  • Gas furnaces: There’s a wide selection of gas furnace models in the market today, so it’s highly likely for you to find the furnace that fits your needs and budget. Furthermore, most new gas furnaces have efficiency ratings from 92% to 98% AFUE. However, gas furnaces usually need ductwork, which means they will take more space than their ductless counterparts.
  • Propane furnaces: Propane furnaces these days are required to meet a minimum efficiency of 92%. It also needs ductwork to function, but furnaces that use propane are usually more expensive to operate, unlike the gas model. 
  • Oil Furnaces: Furnaces that use oil are typically more expensive to operate than those that use propane or gas. They are also less efficient. 
  • Electric Furnaces: Since it uses clean, renewable electricity, electric furnaces contribute almost nothing to carbon emissions.

Furnace Installation & Maintenance

You can seek the help of a reliable furnace service provider in McKinney, TX, to find the right furnace for your space. When it’s time for installation, we recommend you leave the job to the pro to guarantee a quality result. 

We also recommend regular preventative maintenance. There may be nothing wrong with your new furnace now, but it doesn’t mean that would be the case throughout the furnace’s service life. With a regular tune-up, any minor issue will be detected ahead of time so you can avoid major problems that can cost your system’s life. 

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GO Heating, Air & Plumbing offers complete furnace service in McKinney, TX. In addition to furnace installation and maintenance, our techs can help fix any furnace problem. Contact us today at 972-532-0008, and let’s talk about your requirements.