When you think of Plano, Texas, what comes to mind? The popular Collin Creek Mall perhaps? Or the beautiful Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve? There’s much more to see and do in Plano than those two attractions. In fact, you could probably spend an entire day or weekend exploring all that the city has to offer. Here are just a few things you won’t want to miss. 

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Points of interest around Plano, TX you need to visit!

Enjoy the most authentic Mediterranean cooking in Plano

If you want to eat like you’re in Italy, head to Urban Crust, the newest pizza joint to hit Plano. The owners hail from Sardinia and serve up real Italian food. The menu is filled with delicious, authentic dishes. You can order a steak or a salad, but the best choices are the pizzas. The crust is chewy and thick and topped with delicious meats and cheeses. The wine list is impressive as well. Urban Crust offers great deals on food and drinks every day, so check their website for details. They also have monthly set menus that are a great deal.

Urban Crust Authentic Mediterranean Cooking In Plano

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Pet farm animals with your children 

For birthdays and other celebrations, the Heritage Farmstead Museum is a great place to bring kids. It’s not only a fun place to see animals like chickens, goats, pigs, and cows up close, but it also gives an opportunity for kids to get a hands-on look at the animal products they use every day. The museum has a variety of activities like wagon rides and mini farmer’s markets that are great for the little ones.

The best part about Heritage Farmstead Museum isn’t just the animals—it’s the experience of learning about them as part of a bigger picture. Here, you can get a sense of how Plano’s heritage shapes who they are today through the local fauna and some of the points of interest around the Plano. The museum is also filled with historical artifacts that give visitors, even more insight into how their community came to be. If you want your kids to learn about more than just animals, this is the place to go!

Heritage Farmstead Museum Plano TX

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Explore Downtown Plano

Downtown Plano has a rich history, and it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon. The charming neighborhood is home to six blocks of historic buildings, which are picturesquely set among tree-lined streets and tranquil green spaces. Moreover, Downtown Plano is a safe and welcoming place, full of shops and full of points of interest attractions that will make you feel right at home. It’s located in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by car or public transportation, making this a great place for locals to visit or for visitors to stay when visiting Plano.

Downtown Area in Plano TX

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Spend time with your friends at Dark Hour Haunted House

If you and your friends are fans of horror movies and haunted houses, you’ll love Dark Hour Haunted House. It’s one of the best haunts in Texas, with a ton of thrilling details throughout the walk. Scary scenery and live actors make you feel like you’re inside a real haunted house. 

Dark Hour has lots of huge props and a great blend of mechanical props and live actors. The zombies are awesome! You’ll see a lot of detailed scenery, with lots of little details that will keep you coming back every year to see what they’ve added.

You’re in for an exciting experience at Dark Hour, but if you don’t like horror, it might not be your thing. You’d probably want to skip this one if you hate haunted houses or are afraid of horror movies — it lives up to the thrill factor, though!

Dark Hour Haunted House Plano TX

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Bring your furry babies to Bob Woodruff!

The Dog Park in Plano is known for being the point of interest and the best dog park in all of the greater Dallas area to take your pets. There are plenty of dogs and pet enthusiasts that visit this park and they seem to love it. This park is rather large and boasts a lot of space so that your pup can run around freely, which is great for dogs that have lots of energy. There is also a small pond where your dog can swim if he or she enjoys the water.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go with your pets, come to the Dog Park at Bob Woodruff, located in Plano on the north side of Interstate 635 between Parker Road and Midway Road. It’s a perfect place for you and your pets, just remember to bring along some water and treats!

Bob Woodruff Plano TX

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Take a walking trip to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

The moment you arrive at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, the sound of crickets and birdsong will wash over you. So will the smell of wildflowers. It’s easy to get lost in nature at the reserve, a nice sanctuary in a relatively urban region. The preserve is located in Plano, just 25 minutes from downtown Dallas, but thanks to its sprawling size—roughly 200 acres—it feels like an entirely different world from city life. There’s even a dedicated mountain biking trail for riders who want to take in the scenery on two wheels!

The most popular part of Arbor Hills is its hiking trail system, which winds for more than 3.8 miles through the backcountry here. There are plenty of other activities at the reserve as well: playgrounds for kids (and dogs!), picnic spots, as well as a pavilion that can be rented out for events. It’s also a family-friendly area, so if you’re looking for an affordable family day trip that feels like a nice escape from your everyday routine, Plano’s nature preserve is a great option.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Plano TX

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Enjoy the Balloon festival in Plano, TX

Plano Balloon Festival is an amazing event that has been a tradition in Plano ever since the city was founded. It’s a lot of fun and very family-friendly, with plenty of activities for children of all ages.

The festival is held on the last weekend of September every year, and it starts with a great fireworks show. As night falls, the balloons take to the sky and rise as high as 1000 feet, carrying brave souls on a magical ride that makes for a very memorable experience. On the ground there are plenty of rides for kids and families: inflatable bounce houses, bungee jumping from a parachute, barrel train rides—the list goes on!

There’s also live music by local bands throughout the afternoon and evening, and food vendors selling food from all over the world. If you’re also into martial arts or dance or music—you name it—you’ll find some kind of activity and points of interest to enjoy at Plano Balloon Festival.

Balloon Festival In Plano TX
Balloon Festival In Plano TX

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Go on a date at Angelika Film Center Plano

Angelika Film Center Plano is a one-of-a-kind movie theater, offering patrons an elegant setting in which to see some of the coolest independent films around. You’ll want to check out this place during its weeklong showings of world cinema— from documentaries about the World Wars; to thought-provoking dramas, and Czech comedy dramas about the Vietnam War. They also have a killer café, with delicious coffee and tea, champagne cocktails, and more.

Angelika Film Center Plano

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Plano is a city located in the northeastern part of Texas. Plano, TX has many points of interest that you and your family will enjoy. You can visit pet farm animals at Bob Woodruff Park, explore Downtown Plano, or have a date night at Angelika Film Center Plano. If you are looking for something fun to do, check out the Balloon festival in Plano or Dark Hour Haunted House. No matter what you choose to do, be sure to contact GO Heating, Air & Plumbing for all of your AC needs!

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