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Out-of-control energy bills can take a brutal bite out of a household’s savings. When a home isn’t energy-efficient, however, keeping the hot air inside becomes next to impossible. In freezing weather, we assume high heating bills are unavoidable. That’s not necessarily accurate. You can take steps to keep heating bills at a reasonable level.

Service the Furnace

Furnaces that don’t run efficiently might work a lot harder to heat the home. The excess work drives up a home’s heating bills. Cleaning the furnace, replacing worn parts, or switching out the old filter could add more efficiency. Signing up for routine maintenance or requesting a tune-up could improve things. At GO Heating, Air & Plumbing, top technicians in Plano, TX, can service your heating system.

Avoid Cranking Up the Furnace

Setting the temperature on the thermostat too high means more heat. Is it necessary to keep the interior temperature at 72 degrees when 62 degrees is more than comfortable? You probably would benefit from lowering the temperature when you aren’t home, too.

Think about investing in a smart home system to time the thermostat for specific intervals. If a full smart home system is too much, at least think about installing a programmable thermostat. Remember, high temperatures generate equally high heating bills. Why contribute to energy and waste money?

Seal Off Drafts

If there are ways for hot air to escape, the air will escape. Now, the furnace finds itself tasked with producing more hot air to replace what was lost to the outdoors. Such an approach isn’t close at all to proper energy efficiency.

Invest some funds into dealing with drafts. New caulking could prove helpful. Placing plastic covers in front of windows may also help. Do anything reasonable to seal off drafts because they will break your budget. Don’t let your furnace continue to run inefficiently. Call GO Heating, Air & Plumbing in Plano and ask about our services. We can help with all your heating and cooling needs.

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