A leaky faucet can be annoying and costly, but it's a common problem that can be easily fixed. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix a leaky faucet and save you money on your water bill.

What Causes a Leaky Faucet?

Before we dive into the steps of how to fix a leaky faucet, it's essential to understand its common causes. The most common causes include:

  • Worn out or broken washers or seals in the faucet itself
  • A bad valve stem
  • Leaks from around the valves under your sink (these can often be fixed by tightening up the packing nut)
  • A loose connection between the hot and cold water lines under your sink (this is usually caused by dirt buildup on threads)

Identify the Type of Faucet

Fix a Leaky Faucet

Now that you know the common causes of a leaky faucet, it's time for you to identify the type of faucet you have. There are four types of faucets: compression, ball, cartridge, and ceramic disk. Each type requires different tools and techniques to fix.

Compression Faucet

Compression faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water and are the oldest type of faucet. It's also the most straightforward faucet to fix.

Ball Faucet

A ball faucet has a single handle and a ball-shaped cap that controls the water flow. It's a bit more complicated than a compression faucet but still relatively easy to fix.

Cartridge Faucet

Cartridge faucets have a single handle and a cartridge that controls the water flow. It's more complex than a ball faucet but still not too difficult to fix.

Ceramic Disk Faucet

This type of faucet has a single handle and a ceramic disk that controls the water flow. It's the newest and most advanced type of faucet and the most challenging to fix.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Before you start fixing your leaky faucet, turn off the water supply to prevent any further damage.

Disassemble the Faucet

Once you've turned off the water supply, disassemble the faucet. Depending on the type of faucet you have, you may need a screwdriver, pliers, or an adjustable wrench to remove the handle and access the cartridge or disk.

Inspect the Cartridge or Disk

Inspect the cartridge or disk for any signs of wear and tear or damage. If you notice any cracks or chips, you'll need to replace them. If it looks fine, you may need to clean it.

Clean or Replace the Cartridge or Disk

If the cartridge or disk is dirty, use a soft cloth or toothbrush to clean it thoroughly. If it's damaged, replace it with a new one. Make sure you buy the right replacement cartridge or disk for your faucet.

Reassemble the Faucet

Once you've cleaned or replaced the cartridge or disk, reassemble the faucet. Make sure everything is tightened properly, and the handle is aligned correctly.

Turn on the Water Supply

Finally, turn on the water supply and test your faucet. If it's still leaking, you may need to repeat the process or call a professional plumber.

DIY vs. Professional Repairs

When you discover a leaky faucet in your home, the first thought that comes to mind is how to fix it. While some people are comfortable with DIY plumbing, others would prefer to call in a professional plumber. But which option is best for you? Let's compare DIY vs. professional leaky faucet repair services to help you make an informed decision.

DIY Leaky Faucet Repair

DIY leaky faucet repair is an option for those who are confident in their plumbing skills.

Pros of DIY Leaky Faucet Repair

  • Cost-effective: DIY leaky faucet repair service is relatively cheap since you only pay for the parts needed.
  • Convenient: You can fix the faucet at your own time and pace, without waiting for a professional plumber.

Cons of DIY Leaky Faucet Repair

  • Requires Plumbing Skills: You need to have basic plumbing skills to perform the repairs correctly.
  • Risk of Further Damage: If you don't fix the faucet correctly, you may cause further damage, leading to more expenses.

Professional Leaky Faucet Repair Service

Professional leaky faucet repair service is an option for those who prefer to leave plumbing repairs to the experts.

Pros of Professional Leaky Faucet Repair Service

  • Expertise: Professional plumbers have the skills and knowledge to fix any plumbing issues, including leaky faucets.
  • Guaranteed Work: Professional plumbers guarantee their work, so if the faucet leaks again, they will fix it without charging you extra.

Cons of Professional Leaky Faucet Repair Service

  • Cost: Professional leaky faucet repair service can be costly since you have to pay for the plumber's labor and the parts needed.
  • Time-consuming: If the leaky faucet needs to be replaced, it can take hours to complete and often requires two visits from a plumber.


Fixing a leaky faucet may seem intimidating, but it's a simple and cost-effective solution to a common problem. With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can fix a leaky faucet and save money on their water bill. If you need a leaky faucet repair service in Plano or the nearby areas, call us! We’d be glad to help you fix a leaky faucet.

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How do I know if my faucet needs to be fixed?

  • If you notice any water leaking or dripping from your faucet, it's a sign that it needs to be fixed.

Can I fix a leaky faucet myself?

  • Yes, fixing a leaky faucet is a simple DIY project that anyone can do with the right tools and knowledge.

How much money can I save by fixing a leaky faucet?

  • Fixing a leaky faucet can save you up to 10% on your water bill.

What if I don't know the type of faucet I have?

  • You can identify the type of faucet by looking at the handles and cap. If you're still unsure, take a picture and show it to a professional plumber.

What if I can't fix my leaky faucet?

  • If you're unable to fix your leaky faucet, don't hesitate to call a professional plumber. They have the expertise and tools to fix any faucet, and it's better to fix the problem sooner rather than later to avoid any further damage or cost. Remember, fixing a leaky faucet not only saves you money on your water bill but also helps to conserve water, which is an essential resource for our planet. So, take the time to fix your leaky faucet and do your part for the environment.