GO Heating, Air & Plumbing recently completed an AC repair project for a homeowner in Plano, TX. The homeowner had been experiencing problems with their air conditioning system and needed to get it repaired quickly. Our team arrived at the home on time and got to work immediately. They were able to assess the problem and replace the compressor on the unit quickly. 

Some parts were also replaced to get the air conditioning unit working again. They were also able to provide maintenance tips for the homeowner so that they could keep their AC running smoothly in the future. The homeowner was very happy with the work that was done by our technicians because it saved them money in the long run and it made their home more comfortable for them to live in during this hot summer weather!

Advantages of a Fully Repaired Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is a necessity for most households, but not everyone knows that their AC must be maintained to ensure it runs efficiently. A fully repaired air conditioner will save you money in the long run, as well as keep your home or business comfortable year-round. Here are some of the advantages of having your AC unit inspected and repaired regularly:

A fully repaired air conditioner will last longer

This is a big deal for anyone who doesn't want to be constantly fixing their air conditioner. A fully repaired AC will last longer, meaning that there won't be any additional repair work needed down the road. In addition, a fully repaired AC won't need to be replaced or disposed of because of constant repairs. Your money will go further when it comes time to replace your air conditioner because you won't have to keep spending so much on repairs!

A fully repaired air conditioner is more efficient

The fact that a new part has been replaced on an old, faulty one means that the AC system will be more efficient and use less energy than it did before. Less energy usage translates into lower energy bills for you in terms of both cost and carbon footprint.

A fully repaired air conditioner will be quieter

A fully repaired air conditioner will be quieter because it will be more efficient. When you have a fully repaired air conditioner, the heaters in your home can run at their optimal temperature, which means that they will use less energy and make less noise. These savings add up over time, making your home quieter on an annual basis as well.

A fully repaired air conditioner is better for the environment

A fully repaired air conditioner is better for the environment. Not only does it use less energy than a new air conditioner, but it also releases far less carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. It's also better for your wallet, it can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs every year, making it a great investment.

How to keep your air conditioner in good working condition?

If you've recently purchased an air conditioner and it's starting to feel a little clogged up, it may be time to clean it. Cleaning your AC will keep it running smoothly and efficiently, as well as save you money on energy costs. Here are some tips on how to keep your system running like new!

Check your filters regularly

You should check your AC filter once a month, and replace it every 3 months. Most homeowners don’t realize how important this is to their HVAC system, but if you don’t change or clean the filters regularly, it can cause a variety of problems. If you have pets in your home or if you live in an area where there is a lot of dust/dirt in the air, then you might need to change them even more frequently (once every two weeks).

To clean your filters:

  • To clean the filter(s), use warm water mixed with mild detergent on all sides of both filters. For stubborn stains, use bleach instead of dish soap; just make sure that no bleach residue remains since it can be harmful to your lungs if inhaled over time.
  • The next step is drying them thoroughly before replacing them in their compartment on either side of each unit's indoor coil housing section so that they will stay dry.

Clean the coils and fan blades

To keep your air conditioner in top working condition, it is important to keep the coils and fan blades clean. It is recommended that you do this at least once a month. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, or even an old toothbrush. Another option is to use a cotton swab dipped in window cleaner or mild detergent (like dishwashing liquid) mixed with water. 

A garden hose can also be used for this task if necessary, just make sure not to point it directly at the coils! And finally, if these options don’t work for you or are too difficult/time-consuming, then consider having someone else come out and do it for you after all, their services are usually well worth the price they charge.

Keep your air conditioner in a shaded area

The first thing to do is keep the air conditioner in a shaded area. And by "shaded," we don't mean a place where it's just covered with a tree or something like that. You want to put some real distance between your unit and any heat sources, such as:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Heated surfaces (like wooden decks)
  • Windows/doors that open/close often
  • Vents for other appliances (e.g., furnaces or water heaters)

Use a window insulation kit during extreme temperatures

A window insulation kit is a great way to keep your air conditioner cool and operating at peak performance. By keeping the temperature inside the home or office consistent, you save energy by not having to constantly turn on and off your AC unit.

Window insulation kits are also useful for keeping cold air from entering a room through open windows during the winter months. You can install them on sliding doors, double-hung windows, and casement windows with some basic tools that you likely have in your toolbox.

If you follow these steps, your air conditioner will run more efficiently and last longer. You’ll be able to enjoy cool, comfortable air all summer long!

Does your AC need to be fixed?

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