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Factors that Affect Air Conditioning Installation

You won’t only pay for the air conditioning system itself when you have it installed – there are other costs to consider. Knowing these things will help you better prepare for your air conditioning installation:

Here are the factors that will affect the cost of your air conditioning installation:

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1. Size of Your Home

The size of your home will be the most significant factor in determining how much your air conditioning installation will cost. Larger homes need more powerful air conditioners, so you’ll pay more for the installation. You also may need to have additional ductwork installed, which will also add to the cost.

2. Type of Air Conditioning Unit

There are two types of air conditioning systems – central and split types. Central air conditioning systems are more expensive than split-type systems, but they also cool your entire home. If you have a large home or want to have air conditioning in more than one room, then a central system is the best option for you. You can also ask a contractor offering air conditioning installation near Richardson, TX for help in picking the right air conditioner for your home.

3. The Age of Your Home

The age of your home can also affect the cost of your air conditioning installation. If your home is older, it may need more work done to install an air conditioner, increasing the cost. In terms of choosing the right air conditioner, an older home may not be able to accommodate a central air conditioning system. In this case, a split-type system would be a better option.

4. The Availability of Wiring and Piping

If your home has already been pre-wired for air conditioning, or if there are existing pipes that can be used for the installation, then the installation cost will be lower. If your home doesn’t have these things, you may need to pay for additional wiring or piping, increasing the cost. You can ask your contractor about the availability of wiring and piping in your home before installing air conditioning.

5. Complexity of the Installation

Does your home have a lot of wiring or plumbing that needs to be installed? The installation will be more complex and will cost more. Sometimes, the installation crew will need to go into the attic or crawlspace to install the air conditioner, which will also add to the cost. You can inquire about the complexity of the installation when you talk to your contractor.

6. The Climate Where You Live

If you live in a warm climate, you’ll need a powerful air conditioner to keep your home cool. This means you’ll pay more for the installation. However, if you live in a colder climate, you can get away with a less powerful air conditioner, saving you some money. There are cases where people have installed too powerful an air conditioner in a warm climate, and this has caused cooling problems in their homes.

7. Availability of Installers

If there are few air conditioning installers in your area, you may have to pay more for the installation since there is less competition. You need to check the availability of air conditioning installers before you get an installation. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting a fair price.

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