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Signs You Need a Water Line Repair in Plano, TX

Have you noticed a sudden surge in your water bills? Is there a leak, despite not having a damaged pipe? The problems might be in your central water line. If you don’t schedule a water line repair in Plano, TX right away, then you and your property can be at risk.

Water Line Buried Underground Plano TX

When you see these signs below, call your local plumber immediately to investigate your waterline:

Water Pressure Drops Consistently

If your water flow dramatically decreases, there might be blockages in our water line. Sometimes the problem can be solved simply by boosting the water pressure using a regulator. But if this doesn’t work, then you need to schedule a water line service to restore the good water pressure.

Water Bills Increases Dramatically

The leaking water might not be showing up, but it will reflect in your monthly water bills. If you notice you are paying more than necessary, despite not changing the water consumption, then maybe it’s time to have your water line checked and repaired.

Strange Gurgling is Heard

Have you noticed a gurgling sound when you turn on your sink? If yes, then your plumbing system might be experiencing issues. Sometimes, the problem came from your water line, and any unusual noise it creates is not a good sign. Contact the pros to know if you need repair or water line replacement in Plano, TX.

Cracks Become Visible in Your Home’s Foundation

If your water line is placed underground near your home, and when it leaks, moisture around your home’s foundation can potentially occur. Concrete can absorb water, and if the water line consistently leaks, cracks can be visible in your home foundation. Immediately contact the expert plumbers if you start to notice moisture around your home’s foundation. 

Puddles in the Yard Become Noticeable

Your water line might be leaking if there are puddles in your yard. Sometimes, puddles are not visible because the ground tends to absorb the excess water. Check the grass above the pipe to know if there are leaks. If they look greener than the others, then it’s a good sign you have the water line checked for possible leaks.

Waterline issues are problems you need to address and resolve immediately. Trust us at GO Heating, Air & Plumbing for expert water line repair or replacement. We also provide quality general plumbing in Plano, TXContact us now!

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