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Residential AC & Heating Repair in Plano, TX

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GO is our way of doing business. We are a group of honest and outstanding service HVAC professionals always ready to GO the extra mile to you and for you.

Our guarantee is: We solve customer needs with a personable and friendly attitude.
New System Install – You don’t have to be an HVAC expert to hire the best. We will send a professional consultant to your home. We take great pride in explaining every detail so you’ll always know what you are paying for. We offer a cost breakdown of the work before we start your installation.

Standard HVAC installation maintenance agreement available:

Educating customers about common HVAC issues, means you can call and ask questions without worrying about spending money and wasting your time on unnecessary service calls. However, when you require fast response, knowledgeable technicians and a friendly smile come to GO AIR; we’ll take care of the rest.


Top Rated Customer Service

See reviews from our happy customers.

Existing HVAC system
Consultation and Repair

Call us 24/7/365 for emergency services and AC & Heating repair. If your system is improperly installed, we’ll fix it. Malfunctioning ventilation system, we will assess the problem and provide the best possible solution.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

You can pay for the most expensive and modern HVAC system, but if your house is poorly ventilated, not only are you wasting money, you may also cause air born irritants and backflow materials that contaminate the air in your house.


Breathe easy, rest easy, call GO AIR for system consultations and repairs.


Interested in going green?

Concerned about air pollutants and improper coolant deposal? You may not know about available environmental HVAC standards. Let us offer solutions and explain the process. There is beneficial information and huge money saving options for energy savings and comfort in residential applications.

We are happy to discuss and consult:

Environmental care is our priority. Proper installation and deposal of refrigerant is a mandatory responsibility we take very seriously.

Our Commitment to Customer
Service Never Falters

Read Reviews From Our Happy Customers

Emin A.
Emin A.
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Absolutely the best. They are always on time and professional and reasonable on prices. If you want 5 star treatment don't look further. GO GO GOOO
Emin Aljic
Emin Aljic
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Absolutely the best. They are always on time and professional and reasonable on prices. If you want 5 star treatment don’t look further. GO GO GOOO
Michael B.
Michael B.
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Great job. Arranged for a same day appointment through Heather. Wesley made it out at the scheduled time. Polite, professional and a real solid wealth of...
Divya Nair
Divya Nair
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Very happy with my experience with Go Heating & Air. Heather and Jacob were a delight to work with. They made the whole process seamless and quick. Highly recommended team.
Shanda D.
Shanda D.
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After another company caused intentional damage to our heating system, the owner Sam personally took care of us and got our system working great. He was...
Brandon Reininger
Brandon Reininger
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Outstanding service! 3 day turn around from booking to arrival for the yearly maintenance package. Did a great job of cleaning the outside unit and going over the rest of the system. Left detailed info on the condition of my system. Jacob and Wesley were very professional. Highly recommended.

Home Automation System

Looking for an intelligent home operating system?

Automate the temperature in your home with Nexia Home Automation!
Nexia is an industry leader in providing temperature and remote thermostat control for home and business HVAC systems.
In Dallas, Texas, it’s helpful to know that your HVAC system won’t need your assistance to regulate the temperature in your home. Keeping your house at an optimal temperature will save you money.

And when you’re away, who wants to come home to an overly heated or cooled house? No one…

Texas weather patterns can get a little crazy. One day it’s bright, sunny and steamily hot, the next its cold and gray, and you’ll get both cold and hot all in one day. Don’t let weather extremes blow your energy budget out the window. Take control!
Consult GO AIR about your home HVAC automation system needs. We are trusted providers of home cooling and heating temperature control systems that will keep you comfortable in any weather and help with energy efficiency too.


Service Agreement *Maintenance* customers get 15% off all repairs and special pricing on replacements


If there is a problem, we’ll find it and tell you what you need to do– call for complete details for pricing.

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