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Nothing else, aside from the freezing winter weather, will put your furnace to the test. Your heating system has been lying dormant all summer long, but it will surely find itself working overtime once the winter starts. Usually, it should cycle throughout the day. However, if it happens too frequently, it indicates a problem.

If you notice that your furnace is cycling often, it may be because:

The Furnace Has the Wrong Size

As the saying goes: bigger isn’t always better. Take it into account when picking your furnace. When it short cycles, it’s often a direct result of an overly large system for your indoor space. You probably think that a bigger furnace will heat your home faster. Indeed, it will heat your home quickly, but it won’t be efficient.

Plus, it won’t evenly distribute the heated air. The system will continue to short cycle as it keeps the temperature even throughout your home. The experts recommend 12,000 BTU per 400-500 square feet; however, it may change depending on your home’s insulation and local climate.

Home Furnace in Las Vegas Malfunctioning

The Furnace is Overheating

Is it freezing outside? If it is, then your furnace could be burning up on the inside. Overheating causes your furnace to short cycle. But what causes overheating? Most of the time, restricted airflow is the culprit. A clogged filter or blockage in your ducts can stop air from freely flowing out of the system.

The Furnace Has Passed Its Prime

How old is your heating system? As it gets older, you’ll notice that short cycling will occur more frequently. As your furnace reaches the end of its lifespan, its efficiency will decrease. If you see that it’s short cycling, it indicates that it is time to buy a new model.

A Malfunctioning Thermostat

Your furnace’s thermostat tells it when to cycle. If it malfunctions or even breaks, your furnace won’t know when to stop heating your indoor air. Your thermostat’s location also plays a significant role. You can keep your furnace from cycling too often by ensuring that the thermostat isn’t placed too close to a heat source or in direct sunlight.

A Dirty Flame Sensor

How long does your furnace cycle? Is it only for a few seconds at a time? A dirty flame sensor may be causing this occurrence. You can clean the sensor to help regulate the cycles and prevent harmful gas leaks in your home.

A short cycling furnace is something you need to address immediately to avoid spending big in the future. Contact the pros for expert help.

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